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      Dr. Katz - excellent knowledge of meds & interactions, symptoms, diseases ,testing & treatments (in/out of her field) Treatment & testing individualized & always updated. Kind, sincere, always thinking of patient, reads reports immediately, consults with our other doctors we appreciate her & her staff for all their hard work!

      - Mary

      Everyone was very nice and friendly. Doctor was very attentive and willing to help find a solution to my health issues.

      - Abby

      Dr. Katz is so wonderful! Such an awesome doctor. She LISTENS when you talk to her and she really understands. Dr. Katz has literally saved me and if you've ever suffered from migraines, you will understand how delightful it is to finally find a phenomenal doctor. I am so grateful to have her as my neurologist. And her staff, I can not say enough kind words for how great they are. Always making clients feel comfortable and going out of their way to be cooperative to work with me.

      - Mary

      Dr Katz is a no-nonsense doctor who really listens, explores every avenue, turns over every rock until she figures out what’s wrong with you. I have always felt listened to. Other doctors dismissed me; Dr Katz ran tests, and found my diagnosis. When a treatment didn’t work as expected, she said “Ok, we’ll try something else.” My comfort has always been their top priority in a way I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I’ve been her patient for 4 years now and she always returns calls and gets me in there when I need it. Her staff is wonderful.

      - Amy

      I absolutely LOVE Dr. Katz. She has treated me for my condition for ten years now and her guidance and direction is spot on. She responds to my calls very promptly and her staff is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone who desires the kind of doctor who fights diseases aggressively and with the most current and effective pharmaceuticals.

      - Melchiorre

      Dr Katz has been treating me for ten years. She is a wonderful doctor always on the cutting edge of research. She truly cares about her patients. She currently treats four of our family members for various neurological issues.

      - Michael

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